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Asymmetric hints at De Stijl architectural elements. Gently curving, intersecting lines of varied thickness give the illusion of movement.


A plush chenille texture offered in earthy yet vibrant hues. A hint of sparkle mirrors the metallic threads in a sari’s decorative border.


Coco blends a variety of yarn textures to capture Chanel’s classic suit fabric, giving rough urban spaces a chic flair.


Athalie uses multiple colors of chenille to create a small-scale pattern that is structured in appearance yet has a forgiving hand.


Small-scale, multi-colored wheels drawn from the cotton saris of south India spin over the surface of this versatile yet durable pattern.


Calculation offers neutral colors to bring warmth to any environment. Alternating long and short stitches supports a subtle dimension to the application.


The intricate texture of Basis provides a multidimensional, clean and beautiful finish for your vertical project.


Inspired by the chemical structure of water, this repeating pattern layers hexagonal shapes to create a pattern on top of a pattern.


Glitz explores contraries between geometry and metallics in a conventional yet sophisticated pinstripe.


Recalls the look and texture of an iconic linen cloth. When you see it upholstered, it will leave you with a sense of deja vu.
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